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AccessPort is serial port monitoring tool for technicians, engineers and software developers designing or debugging serial port related projects.
Support RS232 / Serial port related projects.
Powerful monitor & terminal function.
Support custom baud rate & dynamic parameter.
International version support multi language.
AccessPort - RS232 Monitor /  RS232 Terminal
AccessPort is an advanced serial monitor, simulation and RS232 data analysis tool. Use to log, view, analyse or automate RS232 communication or simply use as an ASCII Terminal for basic serial port communication and RS232 device configuration.
AccessPort is a thoroughly tested, mature, highly stable product used worldwide by professional engineers, technicians and software developers as a development aid and debugging tool for RS232 / serial port related projects. It's easy to use "simple" user interface also makes it a favourite amongst serial port novices.
Features list:
  • In and out data streams logging
  • Communication ports status displaying
  • Full history of sending and receiving commands and data
  • Transfers data from file
  • Support of any formats of data (ASCII, HEX) and different length of words
  • Filters, different display modes
  • Full duplex
  • Supported baud rates range: 110..256000 bps, and support custom baud rate
  • Can work with COM ports of the following types:
    - standard on-board ports
    - extension board ports
    - COM ports connected to computer through USB port with COM port emulator
  • Can save current session including data sent and received
  • International version, support multi language


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